Friday, May 2, 2008

Beads and blooms.............

Baby Sister cat thinks she's hidden here. She flew out the door and down the steps and under this low-hanging azalea branch and flopped down and just stayed perfectly still, waiting for me to find her! Anytime she's even partially hidden (especially her face) and her big white butt is hanging out in plain view, she thinks we can't find/see her. After 18 years of playing hide-and-seek with her, you'd think we would all tire of it, wouldn't you?
But she's our last "indoor" cat and pretty special..........only other "cat" people can understand that reasoning!
And here you can plainly see that I'm behind on finishing my April beaded square! None of it has gone right since I started it; I guess because I just drew a dogwood blossom and some leaves onto the pellon and had no idea how I'd finish the background. I wanted deep blue sky, but these blue beads are too dark. I also wanted to do the background in spirals, and it doesn't show up at all; so it's being laid aside for the weekend.
Tonight we participate in the local Relay for Life at the high school track, and the weather for once is perfectly gorgeous!!! It's 80 degrees and sunny, with a breeze...........just right for us cancer survivors to make our first lap around the track about 6 p.m. After that, anyone can walk; and I have to make the rounds of the vendors' stalls set up around the track........they sell yummy home-made eats and all sorts of "doo-dads" to raise monies for the American Cancer Society. The free T-shirts we get this year are purple!
One of my fave colors; the only problem is we usually get them early and I have time to cut off about a foot of my shirt and hem it, and this year we get them at the last minute at the track! I'm only 4' 11" tall now (thanks to early osteoporosis and a shrinking spine), so all of us short people will have knee-length shirts! Heh, heh.........ought to be good for DH to take some funny pix for my blog later on! Stay tuned! But on a serious note:
this year I'm celebrating my 28th year in remission from breast cancer; and I was only 36 years old at the's been hard and caused many health problems since then, but I am so blessed and thankful to be walking tonight! God is good!


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Wow, you are a jack (or jill) of all trades! Would be a great time to make this relay along with you. Per the square.... take a breather and come back, it'll all work itself out in the end. Beauty-full day to you, Monica :)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Baby Sister looks pretty draped with those pink azaleas. And the beaded dogwood is beautiful. --Susan

Ralonda said...

What a beautiful kitty all draped with flowers- you have taken a stunning photo!

Sue said...

I love the beaded square. I think it is just gorgeous. So good to see you posting again - I hope I can get back to it soon.

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi phyl
baby sister is sweet-i miss my cats being outside with me-but with coyotes up the mountain its best they stay in
your dogwood square is beautiful:)
love the lady slipper in all her glory-you have a beautiful home with mom nature all around you
good luck at the relay-and big congrats on being a survior!!
x's &o's