Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm not a mother, but I picked myself a bunch of the gorgeous, fragrant old fashioned peonies this weekend anyway! They are filling the kitchen with wonderful scents, since I'm not cooking either! But I send happy mother's day blessings to all of you who ARE moms; it's the hardest job and the most important in all the world!
I finally finished beading the 2" square for April; I used our beloved dogwood blossom (which looks a durn sight prettier on the tree than on my pin!) Now on to a new square for May............hmmm.......anyone have any ideas? My time's flying by; half the month is gone!
..........and finally the bluebird babies hatched! This little family is in the backyard birdhouse, and those parents are feeding the hatchlings all day long! I'm sorry for this cold wave and rain we're getting today, and hope the mama birds are sitting on these naked babies to keep them warm!
It's only 55 degrees outside today.............but we need the rains.

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