Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Knitting and beading again!

This little knitted ribbon scarf LOOKS purple, but is really a rosy pink with silver threads woven in! I hate when things don't photograph proper colors. Anyway, it's on its way to Monica Magness who made the wonderful Pink Lady doll to be sold to raise monies for breast cancer research.........she's now making a small wall art quilt and asked me to knit her a smallish scarf that could be sewn on in the shape of the "pink ribbon" which we all know denotes breast cancer. Heads up, MM!!! It's in the mail!
And here's my first attempt at beading a cuff bracelet! It's about an inch and a half wide, and the aluminum cuff you can see a part of in the left-hand top corner of this photo will be the insert. The backing will be some fabric like ultrasuede. My two "best buds" here in town are all three artists of different mediums, but there's not much we haven't tried and made in the last 15 years! (I didn't say we made projects "perfectly", but at least we've made'em!) On Sunday afternoon we gather uptown in the loft of one of the beautiful old historic buildings and paint or knit or quilt or weave baskets or whatever's on our "agenda" that week! A few Sundays ago I gave them a "beading lesson" (hee, hee!!!) like I know what I'm doing......
I've only learned to bead on dolls so far, but we made right pretty pins/ brooches from fabric-covered buttons. Sewed the beads on to entirely cover the front, and then covered the backs nicely with felt and a pin-back.
We had so much fun, we decided to tackle a beaded cuff bracelet next......
that's heavy duty Pellon we're stitching onto for the backing. Stay tuned to see what all our bracelets look like when finished......I'm telling you those gals catch on FAST!!! (But they're younger than me!) Heh, heh........that's my excuse when their projects turn out better than mine! But we enjoy the fellowship and have lots of fun...........I am blessed to have these GOOD friends. Thanks, Betty and Dee!


Gammie said...

Lovely start, Phyllis. Can't wait til you finish it.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Phyll, I waited to comment till it arrived safely! Just beautiful work of art here, you always come through with flying colors! I love the color too. Thank you for giving so generously to this project, I had no idea you even started on it already. Wow. When do you sleep?

Stop by soon, our button is almost ready and then comes a post about runner up prizes.. just wait! the fun we'll have have!!!

haven't gotten comments from you in a loooooooooooong time, so have no idea what you've been up to. Have to catch up on my own blog readings, hands have been very full this month. Be well. xo, Monica :)