Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blankets and blankets............

.......this one is actually NOT a "blanket", but a fabric collage/quilt made by my artist cousin and donated to our local Relay for Life this weekend. The background fabric is actually a beautifully quilted vintage satin quilt she got at the Salvation Army thrift shop! Three sides are scalloped; one side is white and the other a very pale lavender. She cut up various fabrics and clothes and laces, buttons, etc. for the blocks and embellished them with even more things like broken costume jewelry, rick-rack, measuring tape, crocheted flowers, etc. I'm anxious to find out how much $$$ it brought to the cause........lots of people were fondling it!
........and this is a thin (wool?) "Indian" blanket in gorgeous colors, with one small design in the center. It's been packed away in a cedar chest for more than 50 years, so it's in wonderful condition. I wish I could tell if it was handwoven or machine-made. (I also can't decide whether to give it for a gift for a dear one who loves western things, or to sell it here in our local vintage shop!) If anyone reading this could give me more information about it by seeing a photo of the entire blanket, please let me know!


skiingweaver said...

Hi there! I'm by no means an expert on telling whether something is handwoven, but there are little signs you could look for - are the selvedges just a little uneven? That could be a clue... Maybe the knotted fringe isn't all exactly alike, so that could be a clue, too.

A really well-made handwoven item might be hard to distinguish from a machine-woven item, especially since it looks like this is either tabby weave or a twill... (structures like overshot or others that take two shuttles are more likely to be handwoven, although, again, that's not a guarantee...)

It's a beautiful blanket, either way!

Margo said...

Hi Phyllis - I've been trying to e-mail you but it got returned - want to send you some things!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi phyl
wow is that blanket ever beautiful!!
the colors are so vibrant
fifty years-i would have it appraised if i could before i did anything with it :)
thanks for sharing it -much too pretty to be in a cedar chest :)