Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here is our little town's decoration for Memorial cross and flag for each of the fifty states. And the big granite marker that's been there since I can remember as a child, way back in the '40s or '50s. Our local American Legion tends this every year, and today there was a service on the lawn. (Notice our pretty little library building in the background).........a huge new library is being built about two blocks behind this one. But those of us who have been using and visiting this old one for the last 55 years or so surely hate to see us so big and modernized, especially at million-dollar figures!!! We also used to have ladies the Friday before Memorial Day uptown in Warrenton selling red crepe paper poppies and a corsage pin to pin it on your collar for you! Of course, people donated some change or a dollar or two, and the day just wasn't done until everyone you met on the sidewalks was wearing a red poppy! Hmmm.........I'll have to look into why no one sells poppies any more. I think the DAV (disabled American veterans) in the hospital in Durham used to make the flowers and send them out to make money. Happy Memorial Day everyone! And don't forget to give thanks and send prayers to any and all vets or servicemen and women you see! THEY are the reason we have so many freedoms, after all. God Bless America!!!

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Gale said...

Hi Phyl -- I've been reading around your blog, and I love your down home, chatty style. Your love for your family and hometown come ringing through! Gale