Monday, May 5, 2008

Old teapots and local Dog Walk...........

The other day while digging in the little old log barn in the yard, DH came across parts of my childhood tea set which you see above. Mama saved them from the two sets my sister and I had when we were small children. Sister's set was banded in blue, of course, because of her wonderful ice-blue eyes (and she being oldest/first/most spoiled!) she got to have her every desire until I came along four years after she arrived!
Everything had to be blue for her also 'cause she is and always was a "tomboy", and loved blue. I, on the other hand, with my plain old hazel-brown eyes and love of dollies, ruffles, and tea parties, loved all things pink. So I'm assuming the pink banded teapot here is mine and the blue banded cup is sister's. I surely wish the other parts were here; I'm sure there was a sugar and creamer as well as cups. I remember many a fun tea party with friends and neighbor girlfriends in the side yard..........we used the stump of a huge old tree for our table, and Mama loaned us dish towels for our tablecloths. I'm blessed with so many wonderful and carefree childhood least the ones I can remember!!! The 40's era was a great time to grow up in our family.........even with our maternal grandmother living with us. I wish now that I am old for her to talk with some days.

Our local animal group recently had a dogwalk in order to raise monies for the spay-neuter program, and trying to adopt some puppies presently at the shelter. Click on the photo above to see what's printed into these cute dog biscuits one of the members made to sell.....
And these two pups wanted to all get together and play OUTSIDE the pen instead of walking one-at-a-time! Some cute ones.........I hope they all got great new homes!
........and this great huge van was recently acquired; it does a great service, especially for a poor rural county like Warren. The name of the local animal group is on the side: Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP). About every two weeks this van travels "up north" to New Jersey and carries our local puppies from the shelter that haven't been adopted out to another rescue group there who have wonderful people wanting to adopt them.....and even pay $$$ for them!!! It saves so many dogs from a death sentence...........we hope someday to be a "no-kill" shelter; so far I think the CAP group has worked with the local animal shelter to move them out for adoption here or away before their time runs out! Of course now we have the additional burden of the rising cost of fuel for the van to make runs up north.........the group has more ideas planned locally this summer to raise more funds. Pray for our little group and our cats and dogs!

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