Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kissing cousins?

These two cuties are my cousins, and they're also first-cousins to each other. They entertained the grownups at their yard sale over the holiday weekend, and were very kind taking turns at riding their toys.............Josh "owns" this John Deere tractor and decided he didn't want to sell it after all! Harley rode it and delivered stuffed toys around, trying to sell them.

Harley's mom is 34 and fighting a battle with breast cancer; she finishes up her radiation treatments in two weeks! She has two daughters, four and thirteen, and they have done numerous things to raise money for their mom's gas for their daily trips for radiation; each round-trip is 90 miles. What a wonderful attitude they all have, even through the last Christmas when their mom was sick with chemo, and now seeing her bald and growing new "baby" hair! Harley rubs her mom's head and tells her it feels like a baby elephant's hair! Four is a wonderful age sometimes. Pray with me for my sweet cousins to be able to keep their mom around to see them graduate and get married like "normal" families. Thanks.
Here's Josh showing us how his scoop works; at 5 yrs. old, it won't be long before he's helping his grandad next door to us disk up the garden every spring! He already helps keep their tackle and bait shop open and can tell you which is the best lure for catching the best fish, in case you don't know!

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