Saturday, September 1, 2007

........and here's our beloved old "Baby Sister" cat.......sneaking outdoors this morning for some tasty grass. She's around 17 yrs. old, and is our last "house cat".........we did have three, and I've never been without a cat my entire life! Hubby and I are what are known as "animal people"...........heh, heh........ dogs are next, but our first love is for cats. Especially rescue/ "alley" cats. "Sister" has, for some unknown feline reason, started to wake me up between 5 and 6 a.m. the last few weeks. This is NOT a good thing, 'cause I am NOT a "morning person". And I am retired. And old and cranky. ESPECIALLY in the mornings! First she pulls at the covers and then my pajama collar with a fat little paw; if that doesn't work, she will pat me gently on the nose. If that doesn't do it, she starts gently patting items on the bedside desk towards the edge.........and one by one, over they go! When the hand lotion bottle hits the hardwood floor, that's usually enough for me to take notice and get on up, 'cause once awakened, I can't go back to sleep. But she does usually let me take a good "cat nap" with her in the afternoons!

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Maggie R said...

what a beautiful cat....
I love cats, but have none. My daughter has a couple and tells cute stories like you mentioned about waking you up!
17 yrs. is pretty old for a cat isn't it?