Friday, September 7, 2007

We noticed on our morning walk today the tiny blue morning glory shown above; and also the dogwood berries on the trees are already turning red too early! (below photo) We've also lost two large dogwood trees in the front yard to this drought's hard to watch trees that I planted 25 years ago as little 6" babies slowly die, with their leaves turning brown and curling up. We have a good, deep well out here in the country, but we're afraid to push our luck and use it for watering this big acre lot.
There's a chance of the storm rolling around off the NC coastal beaches this week to gain strength and bring us some rain, but being so far inland, we probably won't get any rains from this one. It's pretty bad when you have to hope for a hurricane to bring us rains!!! And we've had them come this far inland's NOT a pretty sight! So we'll wait upon the Lord, and ask Him to hurry!


Sue said...

Great photos! Look at those dogwood berries already! I keep thinking my hydrangeas and brugmansia in the yard down there must be dead with the lack of water. What a shame. I'm sorry you are losing your dogwoods, they make things so beautiful.

Maggie R said...

Enjoyed your photos, and yes the lack of rain has caused grief in a lot of places and then others have had too much. Would be nice for a happy medium, but I guess that is beyond our control.
We had a very hot dry summer but the past month has given us the much needed rain and things have bounced back. Here's hoping you can get some to DROP around soon.