Sunday, September 30, 2007

......this is a small concrete plaque hanging on the side of one of our "outbuildings" near the back yard, so I can see it often in passing. I love the sweet verse. If you think of how rushed and hurried (and harried!) most people move through their daily lives, they seldom stop long enough to look up at the trees, or to listen to their sighing. Or "soughing", as our pines here in the south do so often. Speaking of pine trees, ours are fast losing their needles this weekend.........there has been a little breeze most days and the drought has helped the autumnal process along more rapidly than usual. But think of all the great free mulch we get every year!


Maggie R said...

Hi Phyl,
Love the words on the plaque, and you are right, busy world, busy time to pause!
Why would the pine trees be losing their needles? Is it because of the drought? Pity.
Have a nice day

Phyl said...

...Maggie, our longleaf and loblolly pine trees are evergreens, but every autumn they shed lots of needles, but thankfully grow others, so they are never bare! (Thank goodness!)