Friday, September 28, 2007

.....this poor pine tree lives in our front yard. Many moons/years ago, my dad had a fence along this side of the yard to keep cattle in. A storm bent the young tree at a right angle over the top of the fence, but it did not break in two. It grew horizontally a few years, and then took off growing straight up again! Isn't nature wonderful?

We surprised a flock of 7 wild turkeys one morning this week on our walk around the farm............they were in a bottom pasture near the creek, and we didn't see them for the high grass (which will get cut soon by the hay man). Evidently they heard us before we saw them, and the noise they made flying off caught our attention........they are huge birds! Looked like fat geese taking off..... I hope they will stay here where they will be protected from hunters this winter.


Maggie R said...

Hi Phyl,
Your morning walks sound interesting to say the least.. This tree is a wonderful example of survival so lovely in it's own bent way.. Like the rest of us eh??!! haha
Never saw a wild turkey... The have wonderful feathers don't they?

Phyl said...

Yep, Maggie.....the bent pine makes my spine ache to look at it! And you never saw a wild turkey, huh?! If we ever sneak up on them and get a photo, I'll share.....yes, I love the's the only one they've left yet. They come to the pond to drink; this winter we will leave cracked corn for them.