Wednesday, September 19, 2007

......isn't this a peaceful path? It's actually the back way into our local historical Fairview Cemetery, and very popular with locals for daily people walks, dog walks, and even horseback rides! It reminds me of an outdoor cathedral, with the beautiful vaulted ceiling of trees, reaching to meet overhead, and a little further on up the path is a pretty little creek with huge boulders that children have played on for many generations, and a little bridge that goes into "uptown" and a back street. At certain times of day, depending on the seasons, there are wonderful rays of sun that come thru the tree branches and local artists are fond of painting here, as well as we photographers, who visit often!


Sue said...

I just came back to look at this photo again. I just love it, and you've captured the light so beautifully. Fortunately, having been there, I can "see" the rocks in the creek, and the pretty little bridge. Thank you for posting this, I love it.

Judy Rys said...

I LOVE this photo. It brings back memories of walking in the woods in MA. Your beaded dolls are incredible.