Saturday, September 29, 2007

........and this is the newest beaded art doll in the "fantasy freeform" round robin to come in the mail this week! There are no rules in freeform beading, so if I screw it up, nobody knows it! Not even me! What fun.....
her face is a textured bead instead of the usual clay face with features; it bothers me when dolls don't have features or faces, so I'm gonna bead on the back side so I won't see it.
The cheesecloth in this photo is some that I dyed with Kool=Aid, not knowing at the time that it would wash out when I rinsed the excess off!
So instead of getting dark colors, I got washed-out pastels. Not to worry:
I dug out some old Easter egg dye tablets and re-dyed I have pretty purple, turquoise, pink, and a horrid bright orange! (I don't care for orange.) The cheesecloth is for some mail-art postcards, and maybe some for my "stick girl" posted here several days ago..........stay tuned!


Maggie R said...

Hi Phyl,
This is going to be a nice doll when done. Free form is certainly forgiving and fun to do.
You do fabric postcards? Me too.
Did a bunch of trading on Yahoo"Fibre Art Traders" group.I think I sent you a picture of my Xmas card I did last year?(Manger Scene) I am making one to send to Monica Magness. She has a contest going on her site. Take a peek, Her blog is on my blog LOL

Phyl said...

Maggie:I'm having fun dragging out oodles of tubes and bags of beads to find the other colors the doll's mom wanted on her! I hope my "freeform" addition will merge...!
Yep, I've been doing fabric and paper and embellished post cards for 3 yrs... working on one now for Monica's contest too! She's a hoot, isn't she?!
Thanks for the updates!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Phyl this doll is coming along so great! I see the cheesecloth you were mentioning before... I like the orange, tho horrid it may be to you... (big laughs) even accidents are forgiving at times.!!! Oh I never thought of using easter egg dye before, you are such a wit! Bravo! How are you liking the free form?