Wednesday, September 5, 2007

.........okay! Here's the back side of Melani doll........I added turquoise nuggets and a shell and other doo-dads to the back of her head. Then went down her back with my very first attempt at "peyote" stitch in pink beads; I'm so excited.... I can do it!!! Then added small pink bobbles of smaller beeads and a little "bridge" which I threaded through a green ceramic "donut" bead. Now she's ready to move on to Arizona for the next beader to "do her thing" in freeform beading to her. And hopefully soon, I will receive the second doll to work on! The ladies on Beaded Art Dolls yahoo group are just THE BEST!!! I'm learning so much (and have an excuse for buying more beads!!!) heh, heh.............


Sue said...

She's just beautiful. That's a LOT of beading, and you have five more to go! Makes me yearn for an RR...

Nice work, nice photos, too!

Maggie R said...

Ah.... Phyl.... lovely job... Nice colors to work with. LOL eh?
I haven't participated in the RR's as I am afraid of the time commitment... At least with a challenge or bead-along I only have to deal with myself!!! VBG
Anyway the freeform idea is great and I love your peyote!! well done..
PS will be anxious to see your pins.... I'm busy with mine.. but ran our of faces.... How ironic is that!! VBG

Sandy Freer said...

Hi Phyl,
Just to let you know I DO read your blogs and enjoy it as much I as do your letters to me!!
Reading about your yard brings me back "home" for a few minutes. Thanks!
The doll looks awsome girlfriend!! You know I love those colors!
Love ya!