Friday, October 5, 2007

........ooops! I almost missed adding to the blog today! My cuz came from Raleigh and moved furniture for her daughter. And we had lunch uptown!
And got to sashay thru three shops in town, one being the new "Catchpenny", which carries all VINTAGE: clothing, purses, shoes, furniture, jewelry, art, and is a fun place to shop! The owner has 3 little pooches who meet you at the door and encourage you to sit and pet them, in between poking around into all the interesting corners of the shop. It is an old hardware building, two stories tall, on main street, from the 1920's.
Another historical "gold star" for us!

Now: about the photo above: it's one of many gorgeous dogwood tree leaves littering the yard these days..........just beautiful.

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