Saturday, October 6, 2007

.......and this gray tabby is one of our two outdoor cats; her name is Mama Cat.
She came to us as a feral cat five years ago.......she was a "teenager" and was terribly thin, and nursing three new kittens. It took me three weeks of carrying food to her down the path to one of the barns where she settled in. Then when I handled one of the kittens, she moved them and it took me a few days to find them again. She gradually trusted us for food, and moved them closer to the house until finally they lived in one of our outbuildings near the house. We found homes for two of her kittens; the other one got into the car motor one cold morning and was hit in the head by the fan........then came a cat chase; trip to the vet; kitten survived but is blind in one eye, so we kept her. But she and Mama Cat got spayed as soon as possible. They are out outdoor cats and have gotten friendly enough to sleep on a heating pad bed we make them each winter on the porch in a chair with all sorts of rugs and plastic coverings, etc...... they have a nice snug little "tent". Also, the kitten has grown to be twice the size of her mom; and we had named her "Itsy Bitsy" 'cause she was the runt of the litter. Now she's got fat almost dragging the ground! But they are happy campers! Can you tell we are animal lovers?!!!!

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Maggie R said...

Oh Phy,
What a lovely story. The cat is certainly a beauty. I wish I had a cat or a dog but I hesitate since I have pins and needles that get lost and would be a real hazard to the animals. Maybe one day though if I could learn to be tidy...... That Ain't gonna happen I suspect!!! VBG