Friday, October 26, 2007

........this is our farm pond; note the pier way across on the other side........
.......and this is the pier seen close-up. Its poor legs and ladder rungs are out of the water! Normally, the water here would come up to the bottom rung on the ladder, and up to the dead, brown grass you see about two feet from the water's edge. This drought has been going on two years now, but the last two days have brought wonderful rains for the first time in two months! Not enough water to get us out of drought situations, but it's a start! It's pretty bad when you pray for enough rain so you can mow the grass again, isn't it???!!!!! Heh, heh..............

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Maggie R said...

Gee Phyl your property sure has some lovely sights to see.It
really enforces the situation when you have some way of measuring.
I guess the water is a problem in many places and then others get too much,,,, No happy medium.
Did I hear Las Vegas has only about 80 days of water left? I'm really not sure where but whereever it is I was stunned.. we sure take it for granted.