Monday, October 22, 2007

Here we are all settled in for our nightly reading/snacking session. While I'm distracted by a magazine, Baby Sister sneaked up on my glass of iced tea and was drinking it!!!!!! That's a first. She especially loved making the ice chunks rattle I'll have to watch where I leave my tea glass during the day!


tammy lang said...

hehee i have a kitty that has a sweet tooth too-that would be 'cookie' guess she was named right!!
i can;t drink anything out of a glass without keeping an eye on it-especally water-both cats will drink and play in it-so its water bottles in this house:)

Maggie R said...

Ohh isn't that "SWEET" says Baby Sister!! tee hee
Imagine...... they are such curious little rascals.
PS Phyl.... I receives my rovings to-day. OMG they are gorgeous... Full spectrum os colors. I must put a picture on my blog....Now I gotta do something with my embellisher.