Tuesday, October 9, 2007

On our morning walk over the weekend, we found these gorgeous blue morning glories! We used to have morning glories all over this farm, but I haven't seen any of any color much in recent years. I might try to do these in a watercolor........

The drought we're in the midst of might be the cause of less wildflowers; our two wild areas of passion flowers (maypops) came up this summer, but didn't develop but a handful of their gorgeous blooms.

.......and this is an adult cicada; or as we southerners call them: dryflies! We pick the husks off the trees (see earlier post a few pages back) and this is what the bug looks like. They make a weird buzzing noise in the trees in late summer, but don't live very long. Aren't the wings delicate and beautiful? Ugly bugs should have pretty wings!

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Maggie R said...

I Love to hear the cicada's song.... It means hot weather... well it's good if you like hot weather :0)
They really are ugly though, but as you said , pretty wings.