Monday, October 8, 2007

.......can you tell by this photo that I'm a bead freak?!! A few years ago, I was REALLY bead-greedy, and started collecting pounds of any size/color beads. Now I'm not AS greedy, and am wanting/needing more smaller (like Japanese seed) beads. Anybody out there want to trade me seed beads for a pkg. of these mixed babies??!!! Or, maybe the smaller bead fetish will move over for something else eventually.......... I've been through frantic bouts of collecting: papers; handmade papers; vintage buttons; vintage costume jewelry/parts; old laces/doilies; old damaged quilts to make pillows and purses out of; fabric/hand-dyed fabrics; yarns-hand-dyed yarns; dyed wool rovings to felt with.........the list is endless. Are all mixed media artists this weird?! At least we're having fun! Stay tuned...

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Maggie R said...

OH MY Gosh Phyllis,
We are too much alike for our own good!!!!! I was reading your post and it is almost like I wrote it about myself. To-night I was looking for something and came across a package of freezer paper sheets I had bought ages ago to make labels for my quilts. Package never opened!!!!! I really needed them eh?!! I tend to go on tangents too and buy, buy, buy.
As soon as you get rid of something you will want it.... I KNOW!!!