Thursday, October 11, 2007

........well, here is Baby Sister again. Get used to seeing cats on this blog; we are feline fools! She likes my new reading glasses, and a new toy mouse 'cause it has catnip in it!! She's 17 yrs. old now, and has a little arthritis; and she misses the two other house cats we lost in the two last years. We don't think we can go thru the grieving process again, and probably won't get more house kitties. We are also going "over the hill", and finding it harder to empty heavy litter boxes and hoisting cat/carrier to the vet; not to mention the expense! We shall see.

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Maggie R said...

Oh Phyllis, What a hoot!!
Baby Sister is ADORABLE and sure holds her age well!! VBG
I would love a cat but as you say they are harder to deal with as we "age"..... Oh who said that!!!
Anyway I know what you mean about losing them. We had a scottie dog named"Angus" and when he died we cried for days.... Haven't been able to go there anymore.. too hard.I put pictures of my daughter's cats on my blog. They are both rescue cats and Autumn was a ferile cat and really wild when Deborah first had her.She is fine now and social. When we visited , the cat never would come out so I never got to hold her. Bijoou was the friendly one. They are good company for her since she never married(only to her art)