Saturday, October 20, 2007

........well, you're not seeing things twice; I did post a photo of this same beaded art doll about a week ago. Thought I was finished, but found out I needed to add to her "backside", so NOW I'm finished with her (for my part). This is called "free-form"'s fun because there are no rules; you can use any size and shape of beads you like, and work them in any sitch patterns you like. Just so we use the doll owner's color palette.
Now dolly will be mailed out on Monday to Oregon, for the next beader to do her thing! And I'll be expecting another doll to work on before month's end, and can start beading in an entirely different color scheme. These round robins are fun.......especially when your own doll comes home all beautifully covered entirely with beads. Yum!!! I'm addicted for sure.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I am luving how the colors are all coming together. BRIGHT, just how I like it!

Mary S said...

Phyl I love the look of your freeform doll...this is the back right? how about a pic of the front..and have you put this into BAD's? Isnt freeform fun to do..