Monday, October 29, 2007

Here above is the newest addition to my stash of vintage buttons! Aren't they wonderful??? Again, from our new uptown shop selling nothing but vintage items; there are some mighty cute red platform shoes w/heels in the window! (Glad they don't fit me!) Heh, heh.........they look exactly like the heels my mama is wearing in a black/white photo of her taken in 1955!
.......and aren't these just the cutest acorns you ever saw?! DH and I picked up the acorn caps on a walk, and I glued little felt balls into them for instant "autumn color".........the nice thing about being an artist, as the late painter Bob Ross used to say: "It's MY world, and I can make things any color I like!" I agree.

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Rachel Murphree said...

Phyllis - I love these! adorable, and so colorful. thanks for the comment on my blog...I'm also planning on uploading pics of the two art dolls I made recently, but haven't found the time. Halloween is such a busy time for a mom with two small girls, and today was a field trip with one of them. I was so proud of myself yesterday, I sketched the succulents on my patio table and if I can figure out how to scan a pencil sketch and have it come out ok, I'll post them too.

As for the star face, I don't know the answer. I got the face in a swap from the group -- it's light and translucent almost...kind of like beeswax in a purple color. I don't have utee, no experience with it -- could it be made of that?