Wednesday, October 10, 2007

....... my blogger pal Monica Magness bestowed this sweet "award" to me a few weeks ago, and I have JUST NOW found it lost far back in my photo files where I save photos and they may never be seen again! Needless to say, hubby fusses about my non-organization of photo files. And I have 3,000!!! (Does he really think I'm gonna tackle THAT job of getting them in order at this late date?) I have much better/more fun things to do, like beading and reading and creating artsy-fartsy things! I am new to blogging, so don't know "the rules", but I think I'm supposed to pass this award on to another blog I like a lot.............?! When I find out HOW to do that, I will get right on it. In the meantime........thank you, MM! And by the way, YOU are WAY behind on your blog, dearie! I miss you!


Maggie R said...

Congratulations Phyllis,
Well deserved!
I was chuckling about being disorganized... That's MOI!!!
I spend more time looking for things, I am a Libra(Disorganized and a procrastinator!) and DH is a Virgo( Very organized and Tidy)
Oh well they say opposites attract!! hahahahahhaha
Have a great day...
PS I'm off to town to-day to get the EMBELLISHER machine!! Woo Hoo

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Go girl go! You fought with the machine and won! Woo hoo! Bet you give your PC a workout each day clammering & punching keys till you get it right. Live victoriously! BTW I'm posting to my blog today for the first time in days, I know I know... you want to beat me over the head but I'm here now. :) ~Monica