Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This "mail art" post card is going out today to fellow blogger, M.Magness; she's having a swap of sorts. Can you tell I love bright colors?! I also STITCHED it, Monica, with gold thread which you cannot see here......(one rule she had was the card HAD to have some "stitching" on it!) It might not even go thru the mails.............it's thick and lumpy, but I'm putting on extra postage.......I made the mistake of putting on pretty stamps and doing her address in calligraphy first. THEN turned it over to paste and stamp and glue and stitch. So.......enough gold zig=zag stitching went thru and ruined the address so it was illegible! Grrrrrr........!!!! I just got out my trusty old roll of wide double-stick tape and stuck a new, clean sheet of cardstock over it and made another "adress/label" side. Hated to cover and waste those pretty stamps, though. MM........you're a lot of trouble, girl.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

LOL It's all in the name of LOVE Phyl...and I love how this p-card turned out. I'll poke around when it arrives and see if I can make out the calligraphy at all, this is one rockin' card chica! Way to go! Part of the fun is seeing what we can all get away with when mailing these through the PO. I once shipped wooden dolls... I heard a head popped off-you imagine getting that in the mail. haha I'll be sure to post all of the cards when they arrive. THANK YOU for joining in the fun!

Maggie R said...

Nice card Phyll,
I made one too and it is on it's way. I should post a picture on my blog.
Never a dull moment eh?!

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Hiya = love your card - not much experience with fibre art myself, so love the way you've created with all the different pieces - very clever!