Saturday, November 3, 2007

.........well, here's Flossie Flamingo all faded pink and her pearls she's worn all summer are sort of greenish. Guess it's time to take her in for the winter and paint her a hot pink and wash her pearls. Or I might paint her and put her out for the winter like last year, but wearing one of my hand-knitted fuzzy scarves! The dear friend Sandy (in Florida), who gave Flossie to me was horrified to see an email photo I sent her last winter with Flossie out in the icy weather, so I put a warm scarf around and around her neck and sent another photo. So Sandy felt better (a little). She has this ongoing "flamingo" thing going since she retired and moved to Florida, of giving me one of the pink birds in one fashion or another every chance she gets!!!!! 'Cause she knows I don't like'em. And 'cause she loves me, she swears! (I'm glad she doesn't hate me!) Heh, telling WHAT she'd send me then.

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tammy lang said...

hey phyllis
love your blog!! so much to see and i enjoy your rambling:)
the flamingo is just great-my mom snuck over and planted one in my garden when i wasn't home-i knew who did it-but sadly after a few winters (it was plastic)-i needed to fly to the recycling miss it tho-i will have to keep my eye out for a metal one:)