Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In the photo above is the newest beaded art doll I just received in the mail. I have about three weeks to fill in half the "naked" spaces left on her. She comes from Australia, and has traveled to Germany and Pennsylvania before getting to my house! This is being part of a "round robin" being done by ladies who belong to an online group: Beaded Art Dolls. I joined them last fall, and am loving learning from all of them!
The back side of the beaded dolly is showing an awful lot of bare "skin" to be covered! But her "mom" told me to "do my thing" with textured freeform beading, (that means no rules!), so I'm looking forward to sewing on her with some larger glass beads, maybe a vintage small button or two, and some crystals or a rhinestone or two! And filling in also with a few hundred other tiny glass beads.......it just happens that I received a new little order of gorgeous small beads last week!! Can't resist those half-price bead sales! Stay tuned to see how she looks in the coming weeks.........

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