Tuesday, November 20, 2007

.........all right, girls! Here are some shots of my sewing/beading/reading room. Above is the lower part of the pretty little old dresser I posted earlier.
The market basket underneath is full of hand-dyed wool rovings for machine embellishing/felting; and the shelving on the left holds felt sheets and fabrics from muslin to satins and silks and hand-dyed batiks.

And up on the shelf are some jars of my vintage button collection; another batch in a drawer. The plastic drawer/bins are wonderful for seeing through, so I can find stuff in a hurry! And you see the beading side of the sewing table with tubes of tiny beads that I recently bought on a half-price sale and they are too tiny for me to work with, even with my MagEyes! So thankfully, a beading friend online is buying them from me, or we are doing a swap of some kind.........her eyes are younger than mine! Thank you, Jo Anne! Way up top is quilt batting and my hoop for rug-hooking.

........more great see-through bins full of sheer things to play with, like netting/tulle; soft old silk scarves; vintage lace from old dresses, etc. And in the ugly wooden tower (DH donated it to me when he replaced his computer furniture)........I keep some skeins of yarns and the wonderful, colorful flat ribbon to knit and crochet with. Inside drawers are needles, threads, a collection of clothing labels cut out of various things that "died" over the years. I hope this furniture can "go away" after Christmas and I'll get more bins that I can see through. The machine to the right is my wonderful babylock Embellisher! And on top of the black/clear drawers is a box of rolled fat quarters of beautiful quilting cottons; and a box of sewing threads to the left.
This stack of fabric is mostly fat quarters.........you can see I now LOVE bright colors! Just can't get enough color and glitter and glitz.......the older I get, the more I love my sequins, Maggie! And this is a better view of the jars of vintage buttons........ I love to use them on so many projects!
Isn't this a great old wooden table?!! Still has its original red paint and a drawer. This is where I sit to read at night, and the bins underneath of course are full of ...........hmmmmm............I can't really tell. (I went to look......) I found ribbons, fibers and yarns; embroidery flosses, a gorgeous piece of antique white wedding gown w/clear sequins and pearls! (From the thrift shop). Also silk ribbon flowers and tiny thingies! (I also love to do silk ribbon embroidery), but am too busy this year beading art dolls and brooches!)


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Holy smackers! Can I come play? BTW, your white, lil dolly for beading is on its way (sent yesterday). Happy beadkey, I mean, happy Thanksgiving! ~Monica

Sue said...

It has a life of its own, doesn't it? When I think of all I left behind in NC, and see how full my room here in OH is, again, I wonder where it all comes from!

Prepare for a fresh supply of goodies to you early next week :-)

Maggie R said...

Oh My Phyllis....I love your space!!! Such goodies I spied, especially the lovely wool... We are all the same I can see that!
It always amazes me with all the stuff that accumulates one always finds a need for something else!!
PS I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.... While you are enjoying your holiday, I will be at the dentist.........UGH!!!