Saturday, November 10, 2007

This fuzzy photo above is the beaded doll's arm I'm adding to in a "round robin".......I hope her "mom" in Australia likes what I'm doing to her baby!
......and here's the whole doll on my work table and some of the beads and sequins, etc. I'm digging out of my stashes to add to her! I just found out the new tiny seed beads I got on half=price sale recently are TOO durn small for me to work with! I'll know NOT to buy size 15 beads any more.
This baby is coming along, Lynn M.! I'm addicted now, and on a roll; hope you will like her when she gets back home to you!


tammy lang said...

ahh she looks great so far phyllis!and you are having a hard time with the new 15's beads?? too small for you to see?? oh me and my big mouth-so sorry:(
i am surprised that i can see them my eye sight is rotten - sometimes i use two pairs of glasses to bead with- it would help a lot if i could find my new ones:)

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hey Phyl! LOVE what you are doing with Bindi!!

Hey, if the 15s are to little for you, I will buy them from you! Shoot me an email and let me know how many tubes you have and price, etc. I LOVE working with them and am building up a stash of them right now!

Jo Anne

Dot said...


I found you through my friend Monica's blog! Love your beaded doll and loved looking at your ' stash' when I enlarged the photo too. Size 15 would be too small for me too!

Dot (from Australia)