Sunday, November 11, 2007

Here are our outdoor kitties.........the two gray tabbies, that is. The light orange "tom" cat is new to the neighborhood, and shows up just for breakfast and supper! Thank goodness he's friendly, so we were able to put Frontline on his neck along with the other cats and rid him of fleas. All our cats have been spayed or neutered; and if he's going to hang around long, he's in for an unexpected trip to the vet's office! It's VERY frustrating to live in the country and have neighbors with pets who show no responsibility for their roaming cats and dogs. Very few have collars with information; almost none have been neutered or spayed; and of course there are always unwanted litters of kittens and puppies. DH and I belong to a local animal group, Citizens for Animal Abuse (CAP) which thankfully has made a dent into the neglected animals in this county.

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tammy lang said...

love baby sister in her bed!!
and your 'new' orange house guest with your tabbies-tabbies are a favorite:)-even tho my two are in the house one is spayed and the other neutered-its the right thing to do:) the vet told me ONE un-neutered male cat in its life time(8-10yrs) will father 7,000 kittens!! i would have one or two more if i could:)