Friday, November 16, 2007

This is my baby sugar maple tree we planted in the back yard a couple of years ago........the sun on it this week has been so beautiful ! I hope it survives the ongoing drought in this area, and will live to be big and old!
We actually had a cold front to go through here and got about a half-inch of rain; also the balmy 70 degree days have switched to windy and below 50-degree days. Looking for 29 tonight, so all the outdoor kitties have their beds on the porch with heating pads set on "low"........they like the beds so much, they are spending most of the daytime in them as well as night-time! And the birdbath has its heating element going so they will have water; and DH now is putting heating elements into the three goldfish ponds.........I'd say we're all set for winter!

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