Friday, November 23, 2007

Here's my other work room where I do rubber stamping, painting, collages, make cards, and sling glue and all the "wet stuff" around........
although the plastic bins above with drawers DO hold lots of larger sized glass beads! And tin charms. And little clay art doll faces.
Check out the neat shallow shelving unit hubby made for my rubber stamps! And I need another one it seems; other stamps are all over the stamping table surface. Lots of bags/boxes, etc. for shipping underneath. And the carousel of scissors that all make different decorative cuts/designs for paper edges! The corner of the stamping room is filled with magazines like Quilting Arts; Belle Armoire; Stampington; Cloth, Paper, and Scissors........above the table-top cabinet, and below on the floor. The beautiful angel arrived with a broken wing! DH has since fixed it with epoxy glue, and she has the word "Peace" carved on the front of her base. Plastic bins full of vintage papers and old broken costume jewelry for beading and embellished wall quilts!
Can you tell another fetish I have is RIBBON?!! And I didn't even take a photo of the "ribbon shelves" behind the door! Sheesh! And oodles of nice plain note cards to watercolor on, or glue photographs. They are ivory with red or blue or green deckle edges. The shoe boxes are filled with old photos taken and printed from film; before we got "digital".
This wonderful old sewing cabinet on top I got from a local antique shop, and it holds rubber stamps and handmade papers. The large wooden chest
is full of vintage books and papers for collages. I have a wonderful old dictionary from 1918, that was my mother's when she was in 5th grade here in town. Its pages are golden/brown with age and it would make gorgeous collages or art journal covers, but I can't bring myself to tear it up yet. Other great things living back in this room are children's song books with sweet illustrations; old music books; and various old bibles from three generations of my family tree.
Now you know where I do my artwork and sewing, beading, etc. And it's been fun to see other artists' photos of their work sites on their blogs!
Thanks for the challenge, Alma!


clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Phillis! Wow - you've got way too much stuff! No wonder you make such beautiful things. What are you working on now?

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Whoa! Great furniture in this room Phyll! You are vrry vrry welcome for the lil angel dolly, my pleasure! No way, you don't owe me anything... STOP trying to give me shtuff. lol Happy day to you, Monica :)