Wednesday, November 28, 2007

.........well, here I am, still recuperating from the Thanksgiving holidays! When I put this eye mask on and get into my pink chaise lounge with the cat and the heating pad, everybody KNOWS not to bother me! I'm "dancing as fast as I can" now trying to at least get all my lists in order to match days of the calendar. I cannot believe the month of November is gonna be totally GONE this Friday! Ha! DH says I might as well accept it and get my act together.........heh, heh. I've about finished beading on the latest round robin doll in the beaded art doll group; she will be mailed out this weekend. Then I'll whip out a few painted glass tree ornaments if my acrylic paints haven't dried up. And in between, I'm determined to finish the new Jan Karon book, "Home to Holly Springs"; it's the first of the new series about Father Timothy and it's going to be real good! The library just got it and thankfully it's large print, so I whiz through a few chapters a day, in between all else going on. I MUST read every day, and I MUST do some kind of art every day...........they are my life supports! When I learn how to put a list of good books I've read/am reading on this blog, I'll do so. I love reading other bloggers' lists of their great books, and their comments.


Maggie R said...

Phyllis you are a riot!!!!!!!
If that mask does it, then i'm off to get one VBG
Yes, I agree with you the days have gone by too fast.
I too try to read, and bead and sew a bit every day.. but it doesn't always work out that way. I have been trying to read a couple of books for ages now,(recommended by you.What the Dead Know and Still Summer)Had to renew them !!!!TWICE!!!!!!!
I keep trying Phyl and thanks for the encouragement!
I think I have run out of steam....

tammy lang said...

hey phyl
love it love it love it!!!!
i have an old ratty blue eye mask-time for a new one:)
you are stylin' VBG
i can't believe that tomorrow is dec 1 already...snows on the way for us here in Ct on sundy-YIPEEE
maybe then i will get a bit of the christmas spirit:)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

How cute R u?!?!?! I knew you were a character but my oh my.... you keep me in STITCHES Phyllis! xo, Monica

Jo Dragonfly Woman said...

My gosh, what a surprise when I saw you like a lot like my younger sister. Lol. Have fun!