Monday, November 19, 2007

This old dresser with the pretty-shaped mirror was mine as a teenager, and Mama let me cover the lovely wood with white paint and gold decorations!I had to have "French Provincial" at the was all the rage, and I couldn't afford new furniture. It's served the family well down through the ages. Now it's back into a corner of my sewing/beading room........if you click on the photo (I hope it enlarges for you) you can see my various art dolls hanging around the mirror. Fabric postcards are on the wall above, and reflected in the mirror is just a tiny view of more stashes of fabrics and buttons, etc. I promised a friend to post views of my two studio rooms, but can't find the pix now! So I will take new ones this week and try to post tomorrow. Trust me...........I've accumulated LOTS of wonderful "stuff" to create art with!!!

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girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I could get lost in this wonderful room... thanks for the journey through your cre8tive space. Looking forward to seeing the next couple o' pics. OO, the endless inspiration found in one's stash- what will u create next??? xo Monica