Friday, November 30, 2007

This is the beaded art doll I'm finishing up this weekend.......I covered her right arm and left leg in the top photo. She is from Australia, and loves it here with me and my other dollies!
.......and here's what I added to her naked back: the pretty clay sun face; and the surrounding beads and I'm going to bead her a head full of (hopefully!) gorgeous hair, and then mail her on her way to Oregon where another beader in this round robin will finish the other "naked" areas! Then "Bindi" doll will fly home across the "pond" back to her mom in Australia..........oh, and she travels with a little journal that each of us adds a little info into telling about her stays with us. I have to decorate my two pages a little more and she will be all done.
And just when I thought I was catching up with this beading round robin, today I heard the last two dollies are on their way to me in the mails as I type this!!!!!! It's so exciting to get each one and a challenge to see what we can add to each doll........I never thought I'd have the patience to sit by the hour and sew itty-bitty glass beads on by hand, with a CURVED needle! (I do cuss a lot some days!) And usually three or four beads at a time; backstitch and do it again............what can I say? I'm addicted!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The doll is wonderful. All those beads! Beautiful work.

Linda Fleming said...

Wow- now that is alot of beading! Beautiful work! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the tips on photographing bead work. I need to play with camera and the settings.