Monday, November 26, 2007

This sweet little bird sat on one of the cast iron "birds" attached to our small birdbath in the backyard this morning for so long, we thought he might be sick! He let me walk all around him to put sunflower seeds on the bird feeder; then I got DH to bring out his "big" camera w/telephoto lens. He was able to get several shots of the little critter before it got tired of all our attention and flew up into the tree! We think it's a nuthatch; I haven't had time to look him up.......if anyone knows for sure, I wish you'd let me know! Not much "tailfeathers" to speak of..........very short. But isn't the coloring glorious?!


tammy lang said...

hi phyllis
yes indeed you have a nuthatch!!!
i pulled out my
'stokes field guide to birds-eastern region'
and on page 317 there is a pic of it-its a 'red breasted nuthatch'
the breast in the book pic doesn't look red either;D
what a beautiful picture-lucky you!!

tammy lang said...

me again-LOL
it looks like we have the same bird bath :D
and if you have a chance pick up the book-its one of the best i have seen :)

Maggie R said...

Phyl.... what a gorgeous bird, Lucky to get such a picture. I have not seen one of these.