Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are these not some of the most gorgeous daylily blooms you've ever seen?! This plant was a gift of our good friends at the local Oakville Farms, which raises and sells hundreds of different varieties of daylilies. I've waited a year to see what color this would be, and it's SO very pretty; and best of all, these blooms last two or three days! Thanks, Sherman and BJ!!!
Well, you can tell I've been to the local vintage shop again. I couldn't resist this red plastic necklace and pin from the 1950's.........I love red and I love heart shapes of all sorts. I might take the necklace apart and make it into a heart charm bracelet. Short entry today; I'm behind in my beading projects!

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Miss 376 said...

Hope you don't mind-I have a lily to embroider for a summer stitchng challenge and would love to use these as a guide for the colours. I have never seen any as vibrant as these