Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ridgeway cantaloupes!!!!

Our Ridgeway, N.C. community of farmers is known country-wide for its famously sweet cantaloupes. They used to be shipped by train to upscale
restaurants in Richmond, VA, Washington, DC and New York, as well as
points south of Warren County. There is something in a small acreage of soil in this part of the county that makes the cantaloupes so good, and each summer nearing July 4th, we all wait to see the few families who grow "the REAL cantaloupes" to put out their signs and park the farm trucks at the end of their driveways which front US No.1 Highway. I wish I could send everyone some through cyberspace to enjoy, but this photo is the best I can do!

These two little books I found last week at our local vintage shop.....this first one is full of short and sweet little verses of grace to say before meals on each day of the year. It was published in 1911.
And this little book was published in 1923 and on the inside first page states:

"Birthday wishes and greetings from Tennyson". There is a photo of Lord Tennyson and each page of the book has birth dates on the left, and blank lines across from each date for you to enter favorite relatives and friends' birth dates. I still am using my old "birthday book" from 1965 and surely wish some publisher would print new books like these! Mine is falling apart and I've heard other friends say also they wish they knew where to find a little hardbacked book to list people's birthdays in. Then all you need to do the first of each month is to check your "birthday book" to see whose special days you need to send a card or give a phone call to wish them another "Happy Birthday"!


Miss 376 said...

Cantaloupes are my favourite melons, oh to be able to eat them fresh of the tree

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Ummmmm. Can almost taste that sweet cantaloupe.