Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bronze lizards.................

Don't these little critters look real?!! I got a bag full from the dollar store years ago for some unknown/unremembered reason and found these few hiding in the craft room. I stuck them to a rock with super-duper glue and then sprayed the whole thing with a can of bronze/copper spray paint! They're near one of the bird baths and have been known to scare folks who almost step on them! Heh, heh.......(I have a naughty streak!)
One of my best buddies, Betty, (who lives uptown and has a HUGE and VULGAR yard FULL of glorious blooms) was so sweet to share her baby sunflowers with us when she weeded out hers. Or thinned them out. Or whatever you do when you've got a green thumb up to your durn elbow and can just throw seeds out on the ground and have dozens/hundreds to come up!!!!! One morning at breakfast, she gave DH a handful and he brought them home and here's the first baby one open! I love sunflowers.......the bigger the better! But can't grow'em. These babies have stems almost an inch thick, and are taller than I am (which isn't saying much at 4" 11")!!! But I'm thankful for Betty and DH and the blooms this beautiful week of weather we're having! Will share more flowers when they "do their thing".........oh, be sure to go visit Betty the Gardner at her blog:'ve never seen anything like her flowers and quilts and other creative wonders!

Since we had a good rain last weekend, the tiger lilies are finally opening up.......aren't they weird with their spots?! And purple stamens?! All flowers fascinate me because they will always have the SAME number of petals, stamens on EACH FLOWER, no matter the species! Mother Nature is so smart and wonderful to give us mere mortals things like this to marvel over................ I wish more people who rush through life would stop long enough to LOOK at God's wonders and SMELL the flowers, etc. I'm doing it more since I've gotten old and am retired, but thankfully all through my life my mama taught me to "stop and smell the flowers"............she had a pretty mean green thumb, too. Thanks, Mama! I miss her like crazy...... and wish I had her back to show her these blooms.


Gammie said...

Wow, the tiger lily is stupendous.


crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi phyl
your flowers are wonderful-love your header!! and i think your lizards are too much fun-i just so happen to have a bag of them too-hmmm-may just have to try your idea:)
enjoy your day