Saturday, July 12, 2008

........more pinks!

Isn't this pink bead and white pearl brooch lovely?! My best buddy Deborah is beading a new pin since she finished her beautiful blue cuff bracelet. Our little Sunday afternoon group is so much fun; I can't wait to see what the others are working on tomorrow! (I'm behine on my beaded pin, but will finish it tonight so they don't fuss at me tomorrow!) Heh, heh. And these gorgeous pink/ lavender/ blue hydrangea blossoms were on the same bush! I cannot get over how Mother Nature does these beautiful things.......I had to bring some indoors so I can enjoy them.
And all my bouquest seem to fit best in my maternal grandmother's old chocolate pot with pink roses hand painted on it. I do believe I'll have to try to do this photo in watercolor.......I just love the blends of colors.

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Gammie said...


Fantastic. A watercolor would be fabulous.