Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rain makes flowers!!!

This weird bloom looks like a mix between an iris and a gladiola; but it's a water plant in the koi pond. We got several on sale recently, not knowing what they'd look like and this one is pretty colors, but very strange to say the least. The fishes don't care because it's way above their heads; they're more interested in hiding in the top of the pot underwater!
You'll have to enlarge this photo to see the water mark on our rain gauge; but thank God at last we got a night of storms that brought two and 7/8ths inches of rain last weekend! We can use this much twice a week, and will continue to send up prayers and also do our "rain dances"!
One of the light yellow and orangey daylilies.............the row of the light colored ones are showing up pretty in front of the darker lilies below......
This daylily is one of 5 colors we now have. And the sunflowers are beginning to open!!! Oh, we hope the deer don't nip the buds off before they can bloom and get photos...........the other night they nibbled off the black-eyed-susan buds, so I won't be showing you any of those any time soon!


theysaywordscanbleed said...

stunning flowers!

University Place florist

Gammie said...


The flowers are stunning. My hydrangea is blue and pink, but my camera is on the fritz. If I get it fixed soon, I will post pics of it.


Miss 376 said...

What fantastic flowers, colours are stunning. I have tagged you, hope you don't mind, details are on my blog