Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A beading good time!!!

Last Sunday afternoon my beading buddies came to my house to play because our loft space uptown is too HOT, even with A/C..........because it has one huge room and 14' ceilings and a tiny window air conditioner! And some fans..........but this time we spread out around my old round oak table and just look at what we made and worked on!!!

The blue square pin above is mine; I finished putting the beads around the vintage heart-shaped half of an old belt buckle. Now to finish the holes in the metal piece somehow......hmmmmmm. And finish the backing. This is my June square; and since today is July 1st, I've got to get it in gear and start July's beaded square! I think it will be patriotic: red/white/blue of some sort.......I love the USA and our flags, especially.

Playing with us on Sunday was also my young talented teenage friend, Crystal.....just look what she whipped up with a length of pretty golden sheer organza ribbon, an old key, and some gorgeous seed beads! Click to enlarge all photos and you can see her other beads used..........she definitely has inherited her grandmother's artistic talents! (Her grandmom, Betty R., is one of my most cherished friends and a fellow beader.) And quilter. And painter. And knitter.......on and on! One day I need to tell you about these two friends of mine and all their talents.
Speaking of friend Betty R., check out this wonderful hummingbird cuff bracelet she's beading..........with tiny size 15 seed beads! She just sketched off (freehand!) the bird and vines and leaves onto her heavy-weight pellon, and commenced to beading! And the little round pin she made from a fabric-covered button form, using a darling little clock face and also a tiny polymer clay face she made; seed beads, and three dangles from an old broken earring! I do hope this photo will enlarge for you to see her detail work..........these friends of mine are new to beading, and have just taken off and are making professional looking jewelry like crazy!!! It took me almost two years to master it!!!! Duh. My only explanation is that I'm way older than they are, and my brain cells are slowing down........that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Heh, heh..............

And I must tell about my third beader buddy/dear friend Deborah, who was there Sunday and nearly finished up her gorgeous pink/white brooch made on a button form..........using pearls and pink seed beads! Forgive me, "Dee"; the photo of your button brooch is in the OTHER camera, so I don't have any pix of it to show here! BUT: I promise to download and show it here one day this week! These gals are SO talented in so many mixed media; and they keep me going when my creative muse is on vacation......thanks, girls! I love you very much!


Miss 376 said...

what lovely pieces. Must be such fun to sit with friends and produce work like this

sudukc said...

I try and read your blog often but last month (June) I got way behind. Today with my cuppa I was playing catch-up and found your bracelets June 24 and May 31. These are lovely. I do needlepoint and was wondering what you use for the base and where you get it. Thank you for sharing.