Saturday, July 5, 2008

In my front yard.............

The other day when we backed the golf cart out of the shed, this beautiful moth was sleeping underneath on the cool, dark gravel !! Isn't it pretty? And I'm sure those black dots that look like eyes to his predators are enough to scare them away! When I get time, I'll get online and look him up to see what kind it is.
Honeybees! We have five honeybees in the yard!!! And look how fat their little legs are with pollen they've collected.........I've been sad since reading how our honeybee population has dwindled frighteningly all across the country. We need them to pollinate almost everything! If we weren't so old and decrepit, I'd see about setting up a few hives to attract some, but we have enough to tend around this place already!
"Mama Cat" came to help me weed the petunia patch the other day and she cooperated nicely for me to get her photo with her "cat crossing" sign! It should state "Fat Cat Crossing"!!! Heh, heh............we believe a fat cat is a healthy cat around here.
DH and I just came from the Wise, N.C. 4th of July parade, and I will post pix here tomorrow. They nearly got rained out, but it's let up for now. We also need the rains, but the little parade carried on in spite of showers. When we left the Wise Baptist Church side yard/parking area, there were lots of folks sitting around in their beach chairs under the shade of huge old oak trees watching the cooking and listening to the live band........what a nice way to spend the day! I hope all of you are having a nice holiday weekend, too!


Miss 376 said...

We're taking part in a moth and butterfly survey over the next couple of weeks,so have been taking photos of eveyone we get to see. This is a stunning one

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi phyl
i get this fantastic magazine called birds and blooms and what did i see in there??? but that wonderful moth!! its called a
Io moth- or the bullseye moth- yours is the male and you are right-those big black eyes on their wings are to keep away preditors-they have no mouths or digestive tracts they live on stored fat-and live for less than a week to reproduce-and thats it :)
thanks for posting the pic i remembered it right away when my mag came yesterday :)
too funny
enjoy your day

The Bee Tree said...

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