Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flora and Fauna.........

I just could NOT stop myself from taking more photos of the hot pink zinnias that are finally blooming! And I could NOT stop myself from showing this one to you; this hot pink is my fave color in the world. It fascinates me to see it both in man-made things and Mother Nature's things!
And the reason you're having to see my sunflowers again is because of the tiny little star-shaped pollen thingies that have popped out on this one's brown face! I did not know sunflowers did that! And some are growing little seed-stems that stick out of the face like porcupine quills! The bees are having such a good time. (I HAD to pick a few for me inside the house, but I also left the bees a few, too.)
This gorgeous white moth with black spots was hiding under the bird bath out of the sun one recent morning. Isn't it lovely?! I wished I had picked it up and looked closer at that beautiful iridescent turquoise on his body!!! Click to enlarge the picture, and you can see the sliver of blue near his "tail feathers"!


Miss 376 said...

And to think some people say that moths are boring!

Betty said...

love all your pretty nature photos, and you know I'm a flower lover too