Monday, July 21, 2008

Maypops are here!!!

WE've been watching the field of passion flowers for blooms and looking for their green fruits (maypops), and they're finally "doing their thing"! The fragile, delicate blooms just stop me in my tracks in wonderment. How can anyone not believe God will take care of us when He can make such intricate things as live and grow on this earth?!! These plants move about in the fields here and are VERY hard to transplant, or to raise from seed.
So we just let them, like our wildlife living here, go on about their business while we admire them.
And check out this storm cloud DH and I took pix of the other day! We saw the clouds coming in and jumped on the golf cart with cameras to go as close as we could to see the clouds changing. Maybe this little one gave somebody a shower, but not here! We are still in need of rains, and the hottest month of August to come yet.
This is my monthly beaded block/pin for started out to be a sunflower, and then I didn't like it, so am adding some green leaves. I might be able to save it, and love the iridescent brown beads in the center, but my stock of beads doesn't have many shades or sizes of yellows/oranges, because I don't like those colors much. Hmmmm.....time to go order some yellows (in case I need them again one day)!


sammy said...

I so agree with you, god's creations just shows us how much he loves each one of us and cares for us..... amazing Love.....

Miss 376 said...

Can remember watching storm clouds over the sea with my mum and dad on holiday once, absolutely fascinating to watch the lightening over the sea. Trouble was, it was moving inland quicker than we could get to shelter. But it was fun

Gammie said...

The picture your DH took as utterly fantastic.