Sunday, July 13, 2008

.........mostly cats

I cannot remember if I already posted this lily or not, but here it is again; it's beautiful enough to see it twice at any rate! It's one of dear husband's
(DH) stargazer lily bulbs he bought on sale at Lowe's and "saved their lives" 'cause the poor things were trying to sprout with no water or air or food in their plastic bags! And save them he did! Oh, they've been so lovely, and all different colors...........a few more to bloom yet.
And here is Mr. Yellow Cat/Buddy-row/Sweet Boy/no-name-yet house kitty making himself at home on a little winter blanket. He loves it, so we can't put it away for the summer. (You can tell who rules in this house.)
Here's Baby Sister for you, Edith.........she's found the new bird bath in the yard and thinks she's Miss Big Stuff 'cause she can reach it and drink rain water. When she yowls enough twice a day to take her outside for a few minutes, this is where she heads for first........
............yummy, Mummy! (And don't mention her fat tummy; it might hurt her feelings......she doesn't know it's there.)


Betty said...

I love the way Baby Sister finds new ways to explore the outside.

Miss 376 said...

No Name Kitty is gorgeous. We used to have a cat that would turn her nose up at the fresh water we would put down for her and go outside to drink the puddles!

Gammie said...

Beautiful kitty. Just beautiful.
And the lily isn't bad either.