Sunday, July 6, 2008

........more parade photos...........

.......okay! Here's one of the gorgeous vintage cars that came for the old car show.......that wonderful 1957 Chevrolet (with tail fins!) that we all loved and dated in back in the old days! Mmmmmm......sweet memories of drive-in movies and drive-in restaurants!
And this little train engine is blurred, but was sponsored by the Ruritan Club, but the driver was in high spirits for the day!
This is the Hawtree Volunteer Fire Dept. truck, which serves this rural area of 400 residents. Of course it travels into other townships if needed........we love and appreciate our volunteer firemen out here in the country! The fire dept. co-sponsors the little parade with the Wise Baptist Church......when you park your vehicle in the lot you are asked to drop a few dollars into a fireman's boot for your entrance fee.......what a great way to show the firemen our support.
The live bluegrass band was set up in the side yard of the Wise Baptist Church, the other main sponsor of the annual parade. And I didn't get a photo of the big tents and cookers that were serving BBQ and all sorts of other good eats (all home-made, of course!). It all smelled wonderful!!
This little parade has been held for seven years; and this is the usual way the residents come out to watch it go by their front yards. By the way, their yards face directly onto US No. 1 highway, and the state highway patrol actually shuts down the main drag long enough for the parade to go by! I reckon the truckers and travelers at either end of town (less than a mile) wonder what's going on, and some have been known to park and join in the fun! Warren County is a wonderful friendly place to live, work and play.....come on down and join our parade next July 4th!!!

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Betty said...

I remember riding in those Chevys when I was a teenager. They still look great, a little paint might help me too.