Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend; usually our relatives are here this week and they're going to be later coming this year, so DH and I are entertaining ourselves.........more about that later! My cousin Ann B. next door let me take a photo of her set of three flags today she has flying from her deck.........they are so pretty riffling in the hot breeze.......thanks, Cuz Ann!
When DH cleaned out one of the goldfish ponds last week, he found two of these babies in the pine straw in the bottom! The baby goldfish are born black and slowly turn gold.........this one is lightening up from the belly, but still has a dark face and back. We didn't know we had babies; they are so dark it's hard to find them in the black pool unless they happen to swim above some light colored rocks or flower pots.
WHAT????!!!!!!!!! "I don't believe my eyes!!!" Isn't this the cutest frog you ever saw? He was sunning in the yard near the flags today; I wonder what he saw during the night to get that expression on his face?!!
One of the things DH is doing today is adding a little waterfall to one of his goldfish/koi ponds. First he took the old tractor off into the woods and came back with the scoop half full of huge, beautiful old field rocks. And proceeded to dump them out at the back door and washed them down with the water hose where we'll track in dirt again. (I just cleaned the kitchen floor/rugs this a.m.) It's awfully humid outside today and the temperature is 90 degrees, so I'm napping while he's building a circular rock wall where the waterfall will go. Now he's gone to scoop up dirt to fill the rock enclosure and insisted I needed to come take photos of his project in the making! You'll be seeing pix tomorrow probably, because once he starts a project, he does NOT stop until it's done. If it gets dark, he'll set up lights to work by. Stay tuned................!


Miss 376 said...

My boys would have loved to see the baby fish. We have some small fish in the pond, and they asked if we would get babies. Would really make their day

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Holy whatever! Is that a real frog? It's the scariest looking frog I've ever seen.