Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Above is a tall angel that was a birthday gift; she's sweet and has a good bible verse carved into her skirt....
........and in this photo you can probably read it! If not, right-click on the picture and it will enlarge for you (well, it's supposed to enlarge!) Don't tell me if it doesn't, because I don't know how to fix it! My blog is locking me out every few days again, and I am very much "computer illiterate", so have to depend on DH and blogger friends to help me out!

Today is very unsettled; there are severe storms headed for us tonight (why do they always come in the night when it's dark and you can't see what the heck's coming?!!) My joints and head are doing their "barometer" thing already; and the wind is blowing............but get this: the temperature outdoors is 68 degrees, and heading for 70 this afternoon! I'm going for my walk and pick some more jonquils; photos of them to come here later!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

We had storms last night, but they weren't as bad as last week. I hope you escape severe weather.
This kind of weather is bad on the fibro pain too. I've been stiff and hurting more than usual this week.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh, P.S. I love that angel.

Sue said...

Beautiful angel.
Crazy storms here, too. On Monday at noon it was 68 degrees, and yesterday at noon it was 30 degrees, and then the ice storm started. Everything is shut down and iced in today (but I'm still going to work).

Noel said...

What a beautiful angel....that is one of my favorite verses!