Thursday, March 6, 2008

Roses and pearls.............

Aren't these red beauties just so gorgeous?! And the petals feel like velvet.It's a pity they don't have any scent, but they make my heart sing!
Yet another favorite birthday gift was these gorgeous pearl-covered wire initials to hang on my sewing room wall !! They came from an old and dear friend Sue K. who used to live here and had a beautiful shop, but now she lives in Ohio, but still sends me beautiful things (like she carried in her shop!) Thanks, dear one! I keep moving these around the house just to see what they look like with different backgrounds.........they are fascinating for some reason; and I'd have never thought to wire pearls (one at a time!) like these are done. I also notice that pearls are making a comeback in fashion and also the art world.........and now you can buy all sorts of real and fake pearls at some online bead shapes and colors!
Watch out for my next "pearl project"!!!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Phyl, just wanted you to know that your pillow cases finally got in the mail today. Hope you like them.

Sue K. said...

I'm so glad the initials please you. I was tickled when I found them.

How wonderful that your birthday is going on and on...

Noel said...

Happy belated birthday Phyllis!!!
By the looks of things you have been very spoiled as it should be!
You are very lucky to have a dear friend like Sue K.